Content Notes,  Trigger Warnings

Hugs & Quiches Content Notes

I want my books to be a safe haven for everyone who wants them. Therefore, I’ve included these trigger warnings so that people with phobias, PTSD, or general preferences can know exactly what they are getting into when they read Hugs & Quiches.

As this is a cooking competition, there is a general content warning for eating and preparation of food. Sexual:

Masturbation with a wand toy, oral and manual sex between two cisgender women


Discussion of an emotionally and physically abusive marriage, declined marriage proposal, description of small injuries sustained during cooking, descriptions of blood and minor gore, discussion of a parent with cancer, parental death from cancer (off-page, minor character), discussion of diets, diet culture, the appearance of an abusive spouse, the threat of inter-partner violence, and a vegan character is asked to cook meat and offal.

If you see something in this book that you think should be noted in future books, please send me an email at

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