Content Notes,  Trigger Warnings

Mrs. Mix Up Content Warnings

I want my books to be a safe haven for everyone who wants them. Therefore, I’ve included these trigger warnings so that people with phobias, PTSD or general preferences can know exactly what they are getting into when they read Mrs. Mix Up. I have included everything that I could think of to warn for, so please read these and be careful with your mental health, friends.

Sexual: Female masturbation with a sex toy, mention of watching porn, descriptions of cunnilingus and penetration with fingers without condom, and dirty talk.

Non-sexual: Threatened employment, mention of unfriendly divorce of minor character, mentions of aro-antagonist behavior from other queer people, visiting a queer club, coming out as demiromantic, description of a near miss car accident, forced proximity, jealousy, accidental nudity in forced proximity, mentions of queerphobia, mentions of racism, and mentions of sexism.

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